Asian Sexual healing – 6 ways to boost your libido naturally

Has your sex drive gone absent for a long time now? Low libido is a common problem which is usually triggered by emotional and/or hormonal issues. The following natural remedies will help rev up your desire for sex once again.

Love foods:
The rule ‘junk in, junk out’ proves to be true: a vibrant, healthy, balanced, and energizing diet contributes a major role in giving you the same health benefits in the bedroom as much as a heavy, high-fat diet makes you sluggish.

Oysters, crab, chicken, cashews, fortified cereals, and chickpeas are good sources of Zinc which is essential for the production and proper release of sex hormones in both men and women.

Foods high in antioxidants such as red grapes, berries, and chocolates may also help as do spices such as ginger, chilies, nutmeg, and curry which are believed to help stimulate circulation to the genital area. The L-arginine amino acid also helps stimulate the body’s production of nitric acid which amplifies blood supply to the genitals.

To help calm your nervous system and reduce any anxiety with regards to sexual intercourse, you may take Vitamin B-complex supplements which also aid the synthesis of hormones related to sexual function.

Turn to the East:
Low libido according to traditional Eastern/Chinese medicine may also be caused by certain kidney deficiencies most especially if it’s symptoms include tiredness, dizziness, or lower back pain. The following natural tonics are said to help improve low libido: Chinese yam, Chinese foxglove, Saigon cinnamon, Asiatic cornelian cherry, peony root, and wolfberry.

Foods like black sesame seeds, Chinese jujubes, sword beans, chicken liver, and wheat also increases kidney vigor, as does acupuncture.

Go herbal:
If fatigue and depression are the main causes of your low libido, herbs such as ginseng and ashwagandha will help you build energy and stamina as well as regulate your body’s metabolic rate, helping to protect it against emotional and/or mental stress.

Ginkgo is a tonic antioxidant that helps enhance blood flow to the body’s extremities, including sex organs.

Maca is a South American native root plant that is believed to nourish the endocrine glands (for producing as well as releasing sex hormones), to improve adrenal and pituitary gland functioning, to stimulate the hypothalamus, and to support and balance sex hormones therefore boosting dwindling desire for sex. (It also promotes vaginal tenderness.) Simply add one teaspoonful of its powder to your drink daily.

Sarsaparilla also mimics the effect of some sex hormones thus acting as a tonic for sexual health. It contains steroidal saponins.

Damiana is a stimulant for the nervous system that has been traditionally used for promoting energy and increasing libido in women. On the other hand, you should only use it under professional supervision. Finding a certified herbalist can help give you a prescription personalized to your needs.

Go E-asy:
When a woman’s estrogen levels decline during pre-menopause as well as during menopause itself, it results to the dryness and thinning of the vaginal tissues also know as vaginal atrophy. And poor lubrication in the vaginal area means painful sex affecting one’s interest in sex so better seek treatment.

Conventional prescription treatments include hormone creams or pessaries, and alternative remedies include massaging the contents of a Vitamin-E capsule into your vagina daily. You can also use over-the-counter wild yam creams, which balances the hormones when rubbed on to the vaginal skin.

Avoid lubricant gels made with petroleum derivatives, mineral oil, parabens, and artificial perfumes or coloring. Instead, opt for water-based lubricants made with all-natural ingredients such as the kiwifruit-based Sylk gel, or the chamomile/aloe vera gel AstroGlide.

Have Some Ommm:
Manage stress by allotting time to exercise and meditate. Psychological factors related to depression and stress can decrease your sex drive because of the negative effects of the cortisol and adrenalin stress hormones. These reduce the sex drive receptors’ reactivity because of its ‘fight or flight’ bodily response to stress.

If bad relationship, poor body image, and/or low self-esteem are the main issues that interfere with your sex life, you may need to seek counsel from a qualified therapist.

Check your meds:
Prescription medications such as antidepressants, pain relievers, and drugs for chemotherapy and blood pressure can produce undesirable side effects to your sexual health. Even non-prescription antihistamines may also kill libido. Ask your doctor if one of your medicines may be the possible cause of your low sex drive.

Has your drive for sex declined over the recent years? Have you tried any of the above methods?

Women Of Today Want Better Sex Lives

A woman, 55-years-old, with short curly hair, dark blue skirt, and pearly white coat hurriedly walks amidst the crowds in Shanghai’s Renmin Square. She passes down the driveway into a small hotel. Her psychosexual therapist awaits her in a quiet room decorated in warm hues. This day is the woman’s fourth orgasm session. The lady wants to experience an orgasm, which she has never had in the past thirty years of her entire life.

Her therapist named Ma Li is among China’s very few psychosexual therapists who hold a license from the US American College of Sexologists. Her client had said, “I felt shameful in bed, like a ‘bad woman’ trying new positions or being proactive during the process.” However the woman also said that she has read the word ‘orgasm’ in books and heard it plenty of times from her friends so she wanted to experience it.

Ten years ago Ma Li’s clients were mostly men but now things have somewhat changed. Ma said, in recent years people’s attitudes toward sex have changed. Women have become more proactive in terms of sex. The growing number of women that are now visiting Ma’s psychosexual clinic range from 20-something women who want to learn how to go through with their “first time”, to married women who are unable to orgasm with their long-time husbands.

asian australian chinese medicineA report on the Chinese’s happiness of sexual life, that Chinese Medical Association’s Society of Andrology and China Sexology Association compiled, was released in Beijing, China. It was sponsored by giant US drug manufacturer Pfizer.

The report which was based on interviews with at least 10,520 individual respondents (59% male and 41% female), revealed that women now have a more positive approach in terms sex. As much as 93% of the women have purchased sex toys, although more than 20% of the total women respondents said that they have never experienced having an orgasm.

On the other side, the men felt much less satisfaction with their performance in bed. About 90% of the male respondents were less than 35 years old but only 55% of them could get an erection hardness rating of 4.

The China Sexology Association secretary, Jiang Hui, described the men’s erection score of 4 as “a fresh cucumber” and the erection score of 1 as a “bean curd.”

The report also noted that among the survey respondent’s ten major occupations, it was the men who work for medical institutions that ranked the highest in terms of quality sex life, and the men working in auto industries were the ones that performed poorest. About 41% of them have an average erection score of only 1 or 2.

In terms of sexual frequency, the males working as civil servants and the women employed in the medical field ranked the lowest.escort sexual healing

Tong Songzhen, another psychosexual therapist, this time from Taiwan, and operator of a sexual therapy center Wuhan, Hubei province hospital observed that before, men often absolved themselves from taking up responsibility for having poor sex life (at home) and blamed it on the women. Today however, Tong thinks the survey has given away the real issue to the problem. He explains that aside from the pressures at work, many couples miss out on having good communication, with most of the respondents only viewing sex as a ‘mechanical activity’ rather than a consummate, joyful, and highly intimate experience. Whether you are single or in a relationship, depending on your situation and what your sexual goals are, obtaining the services by a skilled independent Asian escort, could be something that can help a person over come any sexual hang ups or traumas, to help someone get their confidence back after being single for a long time before entering back into the dating scene or to help a sensual couple revamp their love life with some extra company. Asian and Australian escorts are both great choices, and their also happen to be many courtesans living in or on holiday to Australia. This is a proven healing system that gets far less benefit than it deserves, its kind of one of those taboo type subjects.

To enjoy sex, the partners should talk more often because sex is an emotion-driven communication between two very much involved persons.

Taoist Escort

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